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A not for profit, service-oriented organization for the professionalism and well-being of individuals involved in the arts, while creating a better understanding and appreciation of the importance of art and creative pursuits in the Central United States region (the “Community”) 


We brought you:

  • Church of Swole

  • Madame Groove Records

  • MidFest

  • Nomads Land

  • Rock On Prairie Fest

  • & MORE!

why organize

When start-up companies and entrepreneurs develop, fund and implement solutions towards social, cultural, or environmental issues, it creates opportunities for employment, transformative products and services.


  • Free workshops and seminars

  • Exclusive listening parties

  • Artist/Band Page on Website

  • Special Pricing at Events

  • Event Promotions

  • Trademark/Copyright Assistance

  • Network with Industry Professionals

  • Marketing Tactics (B2B, B2C)

  • Access to Health Care

  • Access to Legal Services

  • Access to Tax Service

  • Business Structure

  • Insider info on DIY shows

  • Meet other Musicians

  • Consultant Referrals (Digital Marketers, Curators, and more)



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We Appreciate Your Support

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