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Part Time Hero and Philosophy of Lions come together to battle the forces of evil

The chatters of the large crowd lingered with anticipation. The two bands: Part Time Hero and Philosophy of Lions came together to ‘battle the forces of evil.’ Last Thursday night at Auntie Mae’s, the two bands’ music roared as fans jammed to the beat. The house was brought down when every song finished with a whirlwind of applause.

Philosophy of Lions - Photo Credit: Amy Rintoul

The bass reverberated so deeply that it shook the ground and elicited chills. The guitarists’ fingers were slick as they thrummed the instrument flawlessly. The drummers’ hands flew all over the set with every pound.

Part Time Hero bass and drums

Part Time Hero - Photo Credit: Tori Wiegers

While listening to the ethereal music, fans can buy drinks and chat up a lively conversation. The sense of community combined with great music is what draws folks into The Scene. Even though the event was sold out, fans were more than happy to stand, just as equally immersed in the songs.

Philosophy of Lions - Photo Credit: Ariana Dunlap

Next time share the psychedelic experience with us! Auntie Mae's hosts great local and touring bands every week for an experience you won't find on Spotify! Next up is Americana singer-songwriter Duane Mark on his Monster Babies Tour with special guest WT Newton on Thursday, October 11th! All the details are on the calendar!

Part Time Hero - Photo Credit: Ariana Dunlap

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