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Tates on Moro Hosts Humbled Pride on Back Patio Stage

Tate’s is known to host club music, but what about live music? The band called Humbled Pride took Tate’s by storm Friday, October 19th.

Humbled Pride at Tate's On Moro - October 19th 2018

The three band members are named Chris, Dylan, and Matt. They met each other at Anthony Middle School and have been inseparable since. They are all from Manhattan, Kansas and jam out to the alternative genre.

Chris is the rock-solid drummer. His time with the band is applauding due to his copious amount of time in the studio. Dylan is Humbled Pride’s guitarist, lyricist, vocalist, and pianist. He has the most wide-range of various instruments. Because of his uncle purchasing a recording system, Humbled Pride was formed. The two put on an electrifying show.

Matt’s passion belongs with the guitar. Unfortunately, he was unable to perform. This was the first show he missed since seventh grade. He would have played the bass in a lovely fashion.

Why did Tate’s allow this particular band to play? The owner, Terry, explained. “We’ve had them play here before for Fake Patty’s day.”

“We were looking for a fake patty’s show to play because we knew we could all make it back (typically, we have a bass player too),” Dylan said. “Tate’s had a tweet about looking for a band for FPD. I ended up responding to their tweet and eventually calling the manager and booking the show. He loved the show and told us to come back anytime, so we set another date.”

Because Terry knew they were a good band, he allowed them to come back. However, Humbled Pride isn’t the only band who has played at the nightclub before. Mikey Needleman has also performed at the outdoor patio.

During Humbled Pride’s performance, the moon was high and bright. The calm rays illuminated the patio as the occasional breeze danced by. It was a classic October night except it could have been colder.

During the transition of songs, Chris was the jokester. He gleefully whirled his jacket around as he head-banged to the soft music that was played by Dylan. Despite them playing together, both seemed to do their own thing. This didn’t make the music clash, rather, hypnotize.

Humbled Pride at Tate's On Moro

Humbled Pride at Tate's On Moro - October 19th 2018

The song called “Hotel Room” was slow and soft. It held a hint of the pulsating Ludwig drum. It sounded like something Rob Thomas would sing. It was soulful.

One audience member named Matthew said, “I heard them on Fake Patties. I’ve loved them since.”

Check out Humbled Pride on November 16th at the Bluemont Hotel. It is our hope that Tate's on Moro will begin to host live music on a more regular basis. The back patio is a wonderful spot for bands. For now we may have to wait until Humbled Pride returns for Fake Patty's Day 2019.

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