Headlight Rivals EP Release Party embraces punk rock

Headlight Rivals blew the house down with more of their infamous songs. Some tunes were recognizable, while others were brand new. Some new songs were from the band's new EP album.

Eric Kleiner, the guitarist and vocalist, said the band worked on the new album for over a year.

“The message we hope to convey through the EP is that a little three-piece rock band from Manhattan, Kansas, can kick ass!”

As for the overall tone, Kleiner was hoping for a short, fast, punk rock EP.

“Compared to our other music, it's a little more on the rock side of things,” Kleiner said. “Some of our music rides on a tiny bit of country rock at times, but this EP is closer to more straight forward punk rock!”

With the punk rock feel-good sway of songs, the band fit the part. Especially with the added top hat and colorful sleeve tattoos.

All around, the audience crowded to the front. Auntie Mae's was so full that there was balcony seating so people who couldn't see from the back could see from above.

As for the future, the band is starting to work on their full length vinyl. They already headed to Minnesota to record. The inspiration for the next album was that they create a lot of songs, and they felt that these songs should be recorded and released to the public.

“We have faith in them as rock and roll songs,” Kleiner said.

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