Sara Wallace's Bingo Bronson Shows

A person who's passionate about music, Sara Wallace, hosted three live bands. A number of people performed, including Chase the Horseman, No Magic and CS Luxem.

The first person to perform goes by the stage name No Magic. He’s a one-man band who certainly worked up the crowd with his country-influenced feeling. The rainbow arch of disco lights added a glow to the room.

While he performed, people were quiet during his songs. The chatter was noticeably quieter while the audience watched, listened and cheered him on. No Magic was a jokester, pausing in between songs to engage with the crowd.

Between songs, people grabbed cold drinks to cool off by rubbing the residue on their foreheads. The room was packed like a can of sardines.

In contrast, Chase the Horseman shook the entire house. They are a band of four who knew how to get the crowd pumped up with the loud, blaring speakers. A classic teal guitar and bright green drums added to the disco lights that circulated around them. A song played was called 'Ripcord,' with hardcore drums and laid-back guitars.

In transition, mellow songs with an animated beat echoed. The last performance was by a one-man band called CS Luxem. During his performance, the audience sang along.

“I feel the most at peace when performing,” CS Luxem said. “I am a little socially anxious at parties, house shows, bars, etc. but when I’m on stage performing, none of those anxieties control me, and I am able to have a clearer mind.”

House parties like this happen a couple times a semester.

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