Timmy Roberts Jazz Quartet performs blast from the past

The snowy atmosphere created a winter wonderland outside Auntie Mae’s. Soothing jazz notes danced with the wintry mix. Walking inside is truly a blast from the past. Timmy Roberts Jazz Quartet performed the highest quality of jazz music with piano, bass and string guitar.

There was a rich sound emitting from the instruments. The classiness popped even more with the performers’ stylish outfits. The vocalist, Timmy, sang soothingly well. There were beautiful harmonies and melodies at times. The notes were soft, so soft that sometimes the audience masked the performance.

One thing that makes the quartet stand out is that, “our jazz is led by a bass,” Roberts, leader of the quartet, said.

At points, there were structured notes. It sounded like the quartet cares about their own music. Their song called “The Chicken,” was catchier than most. If a chicken had a theme song, this song would be it. Crazy and delicious.

The drums were always present but were almost hesitant. The trombone drove home the songs and reeled the audience in. This is what created the emotions, rather than the lyrics.

It seemed liked an unorganized performance, but that’s not a bad thing. That’s how life is.

Roberts said they play at Auntie Mae’s once a month. He’s personally been performing there every month for three years.

“It’s basically home,” Timmy said.

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