Strong Like Bull shares Kansas roots with #ruralrock

To land a gig at a local bar and grill, Strong Like Bull was reviewed by the RC McGraws staff. The band has a Facebook page and social media. Their online presence was more than enough for the band to be welcome.

“I think we all feel excited and happy to be doing what we love to do when performing,” said Dave, the lead vocalist of the band. “Our originals have a classic rock sound and influence.”

When the band covers songs, they like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and other influences with similar sounds. When performing, Dave says most people are ready to party.

As for the music the band typically listens to, Brandon, the guitarist, likes the latest KXM album.

Nevin, who’s also on guitar, said, "The last album that I bought was a vinyl of Chris Stapleton's 'From A Room vol. 1&2.' His last album, 'Traveler,' blew me away, so I've been following him ever since."

Shawn, who is on bass, is friends with the members of Drowning Pool because his former band, GRYN, used to tour with them. Jake plays the drums and has recently been listening to Parkway Drive.

Meanwhile, Dave has been listening to the latest EP from Them Evils, Rollin' Stoned and Livin' Free.

"You can tell we pull together a lot of different influences and we all share Kansas roots," Dave said. "We pull it all together for what we call #ruralrock."

Strong Like Bull should be back at RC McGraw's this summer for a bike night. They play at lot of motorcycle club parties and won the ABATE MC Battle of the Bands at Lake Perry last year.

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