Duo Du Jour hopes their music nurtures others

To animate the lounge of the Bluemont Hotel, the staff has live music performed by various bands and artists. The goal is to bring in different crowds. Different music means different people. There’s not much to do during the week besides the bar in the lobby, so live music draws crowds.

One duo that stood out was Duo Du Jour. Stephanie Teagarden and Joel Davidson have been performing for over two decades. They’ve both been playing and singing since they were very young.

Teagarden said, “I sang my first solo in church at 9 years old and I’ve sung professionally since the age of 18.”

Since the age of 15, Davidson has been playing professional gigs. Their inspiration comes from growing-up and listening to a wide variety of music. The duo mainly performs classic rock, pop, jazz and R&B music.

From experience, the duo has appreciated the musical stylings from many different artists that have influenced their own styles, abilities and preferences.

"Joel brings more of the classic rock influence into the duo," Teagarden said. "I bring more of the R&B, pop and jazz influence."

As for the music itself, it’s a mix of hits and favorites of several genres from the '70s, '80s, '90s and up to modern times.

“It's mostly easy listening ballads and classic rock tunes,” Teagarden said. “The vast majority of our music are tunes to which our audience loves to sing along.”

Since they are musicians, it's important to stay up to date on music.

“I really love current, alt-rock and indie music, and love keeping up with new artists and bands,” Teagarden said.

As for Davidson, he likes Michael Buble, Tommy Emmanuel and countless more.

"We buy so much music it's hard to keep track of what we purchased and when,” Teagarden said.

Every person has a reason for playing music. Whether it's for fun, or some soulful reason.

“Our main goal is to give people a relaxed, yet spirit-lifting time while listening to songs that hopefully stir up good memories,” Teagarden said. “We want everyone who comes to our shows to just feel good all over when they leave. Otherwise, what’s the point? We are doing this for them more than for ourselves.”

The duo appreciates musics unmatched ability to heal, revive and nurture people in their daily lives. They hope this shines forth in their performances.

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