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RC McGraws hosts fundraiser for special Olympics athlete

At the first sign of night, a spring breeze wafted across the luminous sky. The first step into RC McGraws was a blast of warm air.

At the bar, whoops, cheers, and cowboy hats decorated the atmosphere. What caught eyes was the band performing on the large stage - Hi-Way 99. The entire establishment yipped with cowboy and cowgirl boots, swing dancing and the distinct lingering of booze.

To help raise money, Hi-Way 99 agreed to play at RC McGraws. The band was more than happy to throw a fundraiser for a Special Olympics athlete. Her name is Mallory Morris, and she will be traveling to Abu Dhabi to compete in track.

Merely $5 was asked for donations. At this rate, it looks like Morris will be able to travel in March. That’s partially thanks to Hi-Way 99.

According to the band, they have known the Morris family for many years, since they lived in Wamego together.

“We remember when these children were born.”

As a joke, the band hoped they would get Mallory’s dad to sing a couple of songs. “He actually sang on stage at the Country Stampede.”

Fortunately, the fundraiser was a hit. Guests continued to flow in well into the night as laughter echoed. The smell of burgers and the lingering sound of a game of pool clinked in the background while the music was constant.

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