Bands rile up crowd at Mae's

On a thundering night, two bands played with all their might at Auntie Mae's. The first performer was Emily Stilwell, a chick who knows how to engage the crowd. Her voice echoed through Mae's, creating a mesmerizing melody. She leaned into the microphone, breathing life into earlier music.

Recently, Stilwell has been performing 1-3 times a week. There are plenty of chances to come and listen to her. All you have to do is check out the calendar on this site.

The other band that performed was Betty the Astronaut. It consists of Steve Keck and Spencer McConaghy - two dudes who rocked out for almost two hours straight. They enjoyed themselves, joking with the crowd between transitions and dropping to the floor on their guitars.

The two bands coincidentally met. Stilwell met Keck during Fake Patty's Day. It was Jeff (the owner of Auntie Mae's) who paired them together for the show. There are plenty of rockin' events like this one. Come to the next one!

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