Toy guitar leads artist on musician's path

Like a lot of people, Nate Hernandez was influenced by his family while growing up. Whether it was intentional or not, his parents helped spark his interest in music, and his sister encouraged his curiosity.

“When I was 5 or 6, my parents took the family to South Padre Island,” Hernandez said. “They bought me a small toy guitar that couldn’t hold a tune and was barely playable.”

The small, fraudulent toy didn’t live up to Hernandez’s expectations.

“My sister played guitar and I would watch her and try to play the same thing she did,” Hernandez said. “Years went by and she gave me my first guitar when I was 10. I’ve been playing ever since.”

To hone his skills, Hernandez plays local gigs. He recently played at Finn’s Neighborhood Pub. The pub serves the coldest beer in town while the music soars.

“There were quite a few people at the bar including my family and friends,” Hernandez said. “I like to go to open mic nights and I’m also the music leader at my church in Wamego.”

Because he plays at his church in Wamego, Hernandez also plays a lot of Christian music. However, he’s primarily a cover artist from old 50s songs to modern sound.

“I put a folk rock sound to it,” Hernandez said.

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