Not My Pants jokes about their name with audience

“We’re gonna take it back to 2004 - a very emo time.”

Four cool dudes performed at Fuzzys - a band called Not In My Pants. Throughout the night, Fuzzys became more and more jam-packed with loud music and blaring speakers.

Tyler Garder, the drummer, says their inspiration is reliving their glory days as high school and college kids. Because of that, their music ranges from punk to pop to metal.

The band got together in October about two years ago. Originally, they bonded through school, and eventually law enforcement.

"Our name tends to make a little more sense once people find out we’re cops," Garder joked.

Each of the four has their own story as to how they became involved with music.

Colby Area, the bassist, grew up as a choir boy. All through his elementary to high school career, he was in choir. Eventually, he learned the bass and switched from the guitar.

"I was never musically inclined on an instrument, but I was in choir in high school," said Doc Treadwill, who's on the vocals. "I found a passion for singing and kept it somewhat of a secret. The confinement of the shower-time acoustics kept me content until I was asked to join the band."

On the lead guitar is Cory Manning. Like the other band members, he got into music around middle and high school.

"Bands like Good Charlotte and Blink 182 were everything back then," Manning said. "I got a guitar for my 15th birthday and never stopped playing."

Now that Manning and the others are in adulthood with a bunch of responsibilities and careers, he thought he'd never get the chance to play in a band again.

"This has been amazing," Manning said.

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