Big Names Perform in the Little Apple as Lute and Navé Monjo come to K-State

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

The K-State Student Union was jumping on Mar. 4, as Dreamville rapper, Lute, and up-and-coming artist, Navé Monjo, rocked the house. The entertaining event was hosted by the Union Program Council and MHK Music Scene, for a night of free live music from these well-known names.

Monjo spit rhymes that fueled the jumping, singing crowd as he rapped his hit songs, including his latest release, “Too Much Red.” The artist’s talent ranges from R&B to soul and rap, with his work featured on multiple singles by Tech N9ne as well as the song Upgrade, by Gucci Mane. Arms pumped in the air as he performed his hit, “Royal Blue” — an ode to the Kansas City Royals.

The fresh and lively performance by Monjo stimulated the crowd and the energy did not stop once Lute took the stage.

With hits like “Still Slummin” and “Juggin” this artist had the crowd rapping every lyric until they weren’t just singing along, they were performing themselves. The students filled the courtyard, as others took in the view of the stage and the crowd from above, dancing and singing all along the railing of the Union.

The highlight of the night came once Lute began rapping his part of the single, “Under The Sun,” which he made with popular artists J. Cole and Lil Baby. The crowd was fired up — their hands in the air, singing every word. Lute called a few students up on stage with him, to sing the part of J. Cole, and a rap battle broke out. Three students put their skills to the test, taking turns with the verses as their audience screamed and encouraged them on.

Lute’s performance was the best of both worlds — electric energy that got everyone moving, as well as a powerful message that the people could leave with.

“Like look what we started but now we here — throwin' shade out of fear. 'Cause where I'm at — see theyself. Don't be mad bro just be yourself,” Lute rapped from his latest single “GED.”

These lyrics are reflective of a common message Lute puts out in his work, talking about the struggles of many and people overcoming their circumstances. He delivered a powerful performance, stopping intermittently throughout his set to speak with the crowd, encouraging them to follow their dreams and to take care of themselves.

“If you’re working a nine to five, make sure you’re putting those hours into where you want to go as well,” Lute said. “Put time back into yourself. Don’t worry about the person in front of you. Don’t worry about the person behind you. Just be better than the person you were yesterday. Remember that.”

Originally from North Carolina, Lute is open about his journey to where he is today and says that he was discovered by J. Cole while working at Walmart. One thing he has said he wants to communicate with his music is that he’s just as human as everyone else. He made himself relatable to the K-State crowd, being open about his anxiety and rough past, but also getting a laugh out of them almost every time he stopped to chat.

This humility and openness to showing his human side is characteristic of this rapper, according to K-State student Premiere Jones, who talked about his experience at the concert.

“It was a great experience,” Jones said. “This is one of the most honest artists that we have. It felt like a therapy session, like he kept talking about. It was very engaging as he was interactive with the students.”

Lute stuck around after the event to chat, sign autographs and take pictures with the staff working the event, as well as some of his biggest fans who were present. His kind demeanor was present both on and off stage, as he shared that he had a good time at K-State.

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