MEET THE HOST: Krys brings a fresh perspective to the scene as podcast co-host

Though she's spent most of her life in the area, Krys Williams wasn’t always so interested in what was going on around Manhattan.

“From my perspective growing up, I didn’t think we had much of a music scene,” she said.

Since then, it’s safe to say her perspective on the music scene has changed. Williams discovered a love for concerts and music of all genres, particularly reggae and heavy metal. More recently, she even MC'ed a concert.

Now a co-host of MHK Music Scene’s new podcast, Krys provides viewers insight into artists in their community and beyond. Like her co-host, Quinton Morton, also known as DEE JAY QUE, Williams was born into a military family, where her father’s stationing in Fort Riley brought her to the Manhattan area at a young age.

Outside of MHK Music Scene, Williams is currently a nontraditional college student studying social work at K-State, and bartending on the side at Willie’s Hideout in St. George, Kansas. Williams got to know O. Eric Martin, MHK Music Scene’s executive director, from her job in St. George, and when he pitched the idea of co-hosting a podcast she jumped at the idea. 

“It’s all fairly new to me but I just don’t like to turn down opportunities,” she said. “Life’s too short man.” 

Williams doesn’t usually like being the center of attention, but her passion for the podcast has pushed her to step out of her comfort zone.

(Krys Williams smiles during an interview on Poyntz Avenue | PHOTO BY COLLIN AINSWORTH)

“It makes me kind of nervous, but at the same time I’m super passionate about the podcast and what it stands for so I kind of get over that,” she said.

Personally, Williams said music has played a huge role throughout her life, but particularly in dealing with depression and helping her get through low points in life.

“I can think of numerous times where … music has been there for me, when I felt like nothing else or no one else was there for me, I had music,” she said. “I don’t think people realize just how important music can be.”

For Williams though, being a part of the podcast is about more than just music, and ties in strongly with her enthusiasm for community.

“I’m super passionate about music, but also community, and I think conversation is also so important.” she said. “It’s all encompassing in the different things that I am passionate about personally.”

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