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The D.B. Circus— A Smashing Success

Live-music lovers, mark your calendars for next year’s D.B. Circus— a mini fest for the Midwest. This spring saw the first of its kind and it was a smashing success. The music show, which took place on Jan. 25, featured bands of many genres, including rock, blues, soul and bluegrass, who kept the city jamming all day and night.

The party kicked off at 1 p.m. at Tallgrass Tap House with an opener by local band, Betty the Astronaut, who warmed up the crowd, putting smiles on their faces and giving their feet a beat. Patrons of the hit restaurant enjoyed their lunches, and later their dinners, to great music by bands such as Philosophy of Lions, In Flow, Sam And The Fire Watchers, and The Great Moon Hoax. Upstairs, on a balcony that overlooks the restaurant and its built-in brewery, artists Taylor Kline and the members of The Box Turtles, shared the stories of their adventures with the MHK Music Scene podcast during a live recording.

All throughout the Firkin room of Tap House, families, couples and friends could be seen enjoying their time in the happy weekend ambiance. When the bluegrass band from Wichita, Pretend Friend, hit the stage, the crowd got to their feet clapping, with some making their own dance floor.

D.B. Circus 2020

At 7:30 the party raged on at Finns Neighborhood Pub, just a hop across Poyntz. Here, Manhattan continued to support local artists and businesses, with patrons packing the house. Some locals who are regulars at Finns said that it was the most packed and lively they had ever seen it.

The crowd was treated to tunes from the Santiago Brothers, Sapphire Son, Taylor Kline, The Box Turtles and The Great Moon Hoax as they danced, played pool, threw darts, and enjoyed the company of friends. The Circus jammed well into the night with a crowd that didn’t stop monkeying around until 2 a.m.

If someone couldn’t attend, they are not to worry, as it is sure to be an annual hit. In the meantime, get ready for the next festival of great music at MidFest, where Manhattan will support talented local and regional artists this June.

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