Pub loves the occasional country music

July 8, 2019

Lines and lines of glass bottles scattered across the bar. During the night, friendly chatter echoed across the humble pub. In the midst of it all, Spencer McConaghy rocked out with his beloved, simple, stringed guitar.


Like he’d been performing for a long time, McConaghy was confident and determined. He dished out a few moves, lowering himself to the ground as his voice grew. Encouragement from the crowd always ensued.


"Growing up, my parents listened to a lot of different music," McConaghy said. "Many of those songs have stuck with me as favorites, some of which I perform. I started playing violin at age 9 and saxophone at 10. Guitar and singing came later at age 16."


Two speakers served to amplify his sound. Surrounding McConaghy were many of his friends, who were whooping and cheering for him after every single song. When McConaghy danced, the audience praised him more.

Finn’s Neighborhood Pub is a pub anyone can visit. The establishment is calming and chill - especially at night. If music isn’t your first choice, there’s also two pool tables, several , pinball, a crane machine, and so much more.


A step into the place and you’re greeted with friendly Christmas lights. Some lights form an arch above, others scatter across the walls with no destination. Joining them bright neon lights that advertise alcohol.


Dangling above McConaghy as he played were various flags like the Royals, Chiefs, Wildcats, and . When McConaghy a break between songs, he conversed with his friends, who welcomed him with arms.

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